RedHawk Property Lawn Care

RedHawk Property Solutions has a proven track record of providing creative, high-quality property landscaping and home renovation contractor services in the Lebanon Ohio, Mason Ohio, and West Chester Ohio areas. With more than 15 years in the industry, you can trust that our property maintenance team focuses on quality.

We care about taking excellent care of your property. Our clients hire us over and over again, knowing that we are dependable and capable. Experience is what makes us experts.

Landscape Contractor & Mowing Services

RedHawk offers a wide variety of landscape contractor services from designing your new backyard patio to maintaining your lawn all season long. We even provide garden bed clean-up and mulching.

Start Living Outdoors by upgrading your landscaping:

Homeowners who have had the pleasure of working with our professional staff find that we not only produce a better landscape environment, but our services often save them money and increase the resale value of their home. RedHawk provides the ultimate value for our clients’ investments in professional landscaping services. From lawn maintenance to patio design and installation, we continue to produce options and ideas for homeowners that sets us apart from our competition!

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations add a fresh look to your home and make the property more valuable.

kitchen and bathroom renovations add joy:

Enjoy the new cabinets and that fresh coat of paint! We offer kitchen and bath remodeling, renovations, and the complete redesign to give you the interiors you deserve. Our team of expert designers and installers take the measurements and listen to everything you want for your home. Schedule the initial appointment with our lead contractor, free of charge with no commitment.

Facility Maintenance Services

RedHawk has been caring for commercial and residential properties, inside and out for 15+ years.

Reasons to have a good property building maintenance system in place:

  • Facility Maintenance increases property value: A maintained property will hold value or increase in value. The lack of repairs will detract from the property’s market value and rental prices.
  • Keep good tenants with good building care. Poor facility maintenance of buildings, property, and appliances will generate dissatisfied tenants and may break the terms of your own lease.
  • Reduce your overall facility upkeep costs. An efficient property management program can help save money by minimizing risks, extending the life of appliances and equipment, satisfying tenants, and decreasing manual effort.

Commercial Property managers have plenty of work to do. Hire RedHawk to handle the building maintenance system and property renovations to keep your property something to be proud of.

Snow and Ice Removal

Keep business operations running smoothly by hiring RedHawk Property Solutions to take care of your property year-round. Snow and Ice Treatment keep your walkways clean and safe. We offer free quotes for each project, whether seeking a pay per service arrangement of a seasonal contract.

Concrete Contractors At Your Service

Many homeowners and property managers have big dreams when it comes to ascetics. We like to impress and add character to our areas that we are so fond of. The RedHawk concrete contractors understand this notion and would love to create a custom concrete patio design for you! Explore options today!

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