Have Redhawk Add Equity To Your Home

With all the extra time at home this year, maybe it has you itching to do some upgrades? It never hurts to add equity to your home. However, it takes time, patients, some know-how, and money upfront. If that does not scare you away, we have some of the top updates that will pay off in the long run!

1. Landscaping will add value and interest!

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This is the house’s first impression. Before anyone has even stepped inside, they will have judged the property in one glance. If it is well-groomed, it should pique their interest to venture further. If you have old tires, overgrown shrubs, and chipping shutter paint they might just drive on by immediately forgetting the house.

Landscaping is not always expensive either! The return on investment is rated at 100%. There are some things you can do yourself however, hiring a team not only ensures a great outcome, but less time and frustration spent.

2. Exterior Structure is your book cover.

Just like with the front yard, the exterior of the home also plays a role in that first impression. You’ll want to consider the shape of your siding, paint, gutters, shutters, etc. Do an evaluation of your front stoop space.

Could the concrete need a good power washing or the railings old need a fresh coat of paint? Sometimes a bright new color on the front door can really attract the eye! All things that could really make a vast difference!

3. Bathroom Updates will wow!

One of the first places potential homeowners will check out is the bathroom. This is a place where you can transform the feel from outdated to modern easily. You will also get one of the biggest returns on investment. Replace that old caulk, re-glaze the tub, replace lighting, and do some painting. If you are really feeling ambitious, change up your sink/counters, tile, and or flooring. Here are some ideas!

4. Deck/Patio Addition for you and future buyers!

Having a deck or screened-in porch can make or break selling a house. It’s hard to avoid imagining yourself lounging around surrounded by nature without actually having to be in nature. If you enjoy entertaining, this is a brand new entertainment space! If you decide to add a deck, just make sure it is properly maintained. If you don’t, it can be a dangerous place with unexpected injury possibilities.

5. Kitchen Updates will add equity to your home.

This is one of the number one places that will add equity to your home. Like the bathroom, the kitchen has great potential for easy updates as well. By just painting, re-facing cabinets, changing knobs, and updating the lighting you are giving it a whole new look.

Adding a back splash will give it more of a modern appeal. If your bankroll is burning a hole in your wallet, change up the counter tops and flooring. Add a bar or island if it makes sense for the space. Here are some ideas!

6. Convert Your Attic or Basement!

Adding an extra room to your house is always a plus. This will take some major work, but the return on investment can be substantially worth it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lounge area or work room? There are so many opportunities! Before you start dreaming though, you must budget the cost of HVAC. It might prove to be tricky in these areas, but not impossible.

Bottom Line

We tend to want to leave areas better than when we found them, especially if you can make money off of it! Besides the of pride you feel when you add equity to your home, if you make the updates early enough to enjoy them yourself, there is another bonus!

Home owning can be a tricky thing. It’s hard to know exactly what project to start next and what will be trendy tomorrow. Start with budgeting first. Make a list and plan around what you can financially and physically handle at the time.

Don’t think you can handle an upgrade on your own? RedHawk Property Solutions is here to help! We do renovation projects from replacing faucets to tile work. Don’t hesitate to ask us about any job you need done. Contact Fred today (937) 416-5014 to schedule a tour of your home, business, apartment complex, more. 

Disclaimer: This article is based on what is trending today. Tomorrow might be a different story. Please be advised.

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