Backyard Design Ideas that will have you spending more time outdoors.

During this time, you might have started thinking on ways to improve the space. Not only will it add ascetic that you can enjoy, but it can also add value to the property! We have some backyard design ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level!

1. Utilize a Deck or a Paved Patio Space

Having more chill space outside can be a game changer in time well spent! It has been proven that being outside can reduce your anxiety and stress levels. Do you already have a patio or deck, but don’t enjoy it? Maybe there are cracks in the concrete or the wood in the deck has not been maintained. Consider taking the necessary steps to make it an enjoyable place again!

2. Build a Fire Pit

the firepit is a great backyard design

We aren’t talking about a unit you buy from a hardware store or placing some rocks in a circle. Have a genuinely stone laid fire pit built on the edge of or in the middle of a patio. This addition will give your entertaining space a huge upgrade. Instead of gathering around the television inside, have the family and friends gather around a fire in conversation! Think of how cozy your backyard will become on those cool summer nights!

3. Create a Stone Pathway

Making dirt trails from your front to your backyard? Instead, try creating a stepping-stone path that can add a neat ascetic, creating clean lines that add some shape to the yard. Be thoughtful in the design and stones you pick out to make the most of the space. Spend some time researching unique designs that would work for your area. This is one of the best backyard design ideas, as most people need pathways. Otherwise, you are wearing your grass out.

4. Add Some Shade Elements

Whether it be adding a pergola or an umbrella, all will appreciate it! You can have the best outdoor furniture there is, but if it’s under the beaming sun, no one will want to sit on it. Pergolas are a big consideration, but will add great value to any outdoor space. If it is wood, be sure to have it maintained every year with a protectant coat to keep it weatherized.

5. Light It Up

Add some string lighting or tiki torches, not only for illumination, but to bring the entire area together! If bugs are an issue, you might consider some citronella candles. Light up your pathways with walkway lighting. This also serves as a practicality upgrade, as it will make it easier for everyone to see where they are going! Here are some great backyard design ideas regarding lighting!

6. Create Privacy

Neighbors can be nice to have, but seeing them every time they step into their backyard can get old. Plant a hedge row or some trees to create a natural barrier. Consider one that doesn’t take too much maintenance. Hedge clipping can be a tedious task. If trees are not your thing, maybe a fence. This could be the perfect upgrade for a dog owner!

7. Hide Your Stuff

Don’t underestimate the power of a shed! It can hold all those outside toys, lawnmowers, planting tools, and stuff you don’t use. Observe the physical decor in your yard. Sometimes less is more. Lawn gnomes are fun, but having 20 of them might be a bit overdoing it.

We Have Backyard Design Ideas

Upgrading your backyard space can make an enormous difference in the property’s value, your enjoyment while residing there, and expand your landscaping options! Instead of going out to a bar, have your friends over around a relaxing fire! Dress up your furniture for a little candlelit dinner date under the stars! Get the kids outside playing with the dog instead of in front of the tv! The added possibilities are worth it. We hope these backyard design ideas helped!

If you struggle with any of these backyard design projects, RedHawk is there to lend a hand. We’d love to add a patio, deck, fire pit, walkway, and more to your outdoor space! Contact us to take a tour of your backyard today!

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