7 Important Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

We know it’s hard thinking about winter when the air is still warm and the trees are still green, but fall is upon us! It’s a lot easier to get prep work done while it’s still nice outside. There is also a trend of huge waiting lists among those in the trades businesses, so getting on their schedules now is a good idea! Waiting until the last-minute can also cause stress on your home’s functionality. Let’s get your home ready for winter so you can enjoy the changing of the seasons!  

1. Service Your Furnace 

Before it’s time to fire up that furnace, have it looked at by an HVAC service. A lot of emergency calls occur right as the weather turns because of maintenance issues. Get your furnace inspected and tuned up. Also, don’t forget to change out your furnace filters! Clean filters can make a significant difference in how efficiently your furnace runs.  

2. Fill Holes and Gaps  

To battle pests and cold air, have the gaps and holes filled around your siding, windows, and doors. Use hardware cloth, caulk, and have damaged areas replaced. Your heating bill will thank you! Here’s a helpful how-to video.

3. Take Care of Your Plumbing 

Make sure you know exactly where your water shut-off valve is. A burst pipe can turn a situation catastrophic quickly! Being able to act fast is essential. Insulate your pipes well so that when the weather gets frigid, they don’t freeze during a cold snap. This is an essential prep step to get your house ready for winter.

4. Check Out Your Attic 

Inspect any vents or points where you might suspect critter intrusion and make sure those areas are secured. Cold temperatures can draw unwanted guests inside. While you are up there, check for any potential leakage spots and your insulation levels. Here’s helpful info on how much insulation you need.

5. Inspect Your Gutter System 

The changing of the seasons is going to bring rain. You want to do all you can to make sure that water is flowing away from the property. It’s the job that your gutter system excels at when it’s working correctly. While you still have your hose out, or if you enjoy hanging out in the rain, put the gutters to the test! Check out where the water is going from all points of the house. You might discover a downspout that has come loose or there is a clog. Get it taken care of while the weather is nice!   

6. Plan to Swap Out Your Screens 

We are coming into the kind of weather that will have you enjoying open windows around the house! Enjoy this time. Be ready to make a quick shift to swapping out those screens. It might be a good time to take inventory or check your windows for problem areas before the last minute.  

7. Take Care of Your Yard 

Changing weather can also bring big storms. Cut back risky branches that hang over your house and driveway. Tend to your gardening by planting spring bulbs, removing dead annuals, and mulching the perennials. Drain all hoses and turn off exterior faucets. Apply an early fall fertilizer to your lawn to help it recover from summer stress and control weeds.  

Bottom Line 

Taking care of seasonal maintenance can be daunting, but it will uphold the value of your house and lessen the threat of looming issues. For example, if you wait to service your HVAC or seal your windows and doors, you could pay more in energy bills. Doing seasonal inspections can also save you from mounting damage. Small fixes become big ones if left unchecked.  

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