Alas, Our Cincinnati area did not see much of a White Christmas, BUT January and February could have a lot in-store when it comes to snowfall. The first 2 months of the year are historically the coldest and when it comes to snow fall the numbers don’t lie.

Both months have a combined average snowfall of 6.6 inches compared to November and December with only a combined 2.4 inches of snow. How can you stay prepared for snow in the months to come? We have some tips!

A Good Shovel Goes a Long Way

As crazy and simple as it sounds a good quality shovel can really help your deck, driveway, and roof. More importantly, a good shovel can help you conserve energy, keeping you from exhaustion.

Do not Overwork Yourself

Stretch before you start. Wear plenty of layers. Bend your knees and lift with your legs. Know your own lifting limits. Switch hands as well as between over and underhand.

Do not try to do too much all at once. Take frequent breaks. If there is a lot of constant snowfall, tackle it every few hours. There are statistics reporting about people having heart attacks during snow shoveling. It is a very exhausting task. Do not take it lightly. Being prepared for snowfall is not as important as your well-being.

Avoid Placing Snow Near the Foundation

When shoveling the snow off your deck and roof, avoid putting the snow right next to the house. Doing so could potentially cause your pipes to freeze and even cause leaks into the house itself.

Shovel Flat Roofs

Shoveling your flat roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home or business, yet it still is often ignored. If you have a flat roof that has easy access, we recommend shoveling off that snow. In cases of heavy snowfall, roof collapsing and leaks are a potential threat.

Invest in a Snow Blower

If you are concerned you won’t be able to efficiently shovel the snow, consider investing in a snow blower. It will make the job much faster and easier to do. This will make being prepared for snow much less stressful.

Salt. Salt. Salt.

Salting your driveway, deck, and parking lot is key to your safety. Ice can be hard to spot for the average person, so help yourself and prevent injury by going to your local hardware store and getting some salt! When choosing a suitable type, avoid Sodium Chloride Aka Rock Salt. It’s very appealing due to the cheapest price, BUT it will cause damage to your concrete and is not safe for humans or pets. Check out our fellow carpet cleaner’s blog on what types of sidewalk salt are best.

Trick for Avoiding a Snow-Covered Car or Walk

Use a tarp! Lay a tarp down before the snowfall on the desired area to clear and simply drag to the side when the snow is done falling. This is not a desirable option to an area that will be experiencing consistent snowfall, as the tarp could be too heavy to lift, or you will have to be shoveling later anyway. It’s a quick solution to uncovering your car in the morning!

Bottom Line

Although Jack Frost has been kind in most previous years, it still doesn’t hurt to stay prepared for snow when it hits unexpectedly. We can’t stress safety enough. Dress warm and take breaks! Ask for help if you can.

If things get out of hand, let us help! At Red Hawk Property Solutions is trustworthy in Ice and Snow removal. We can help commercial parking lots keep your business operations running smoothly! Contact us today to learn more about our snow removal services at (937)-416-5014!

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