7 Essential Tips for Planning Spring Landscaping

As you crank up the heat and look at this blog title, you might think we’re a little confused. Thinking about working on your yard while it’s freezing cold might be the last thing you are anticipating. However, planning for spring landscaping should be one of the first! By the time spring gets here, you might have to rush in deciding what trees to plant or lawn treatment to use. The entire process takes research and planning. We have some tips to help you be prepared when Spring rolls around!

Try to Envision Your Dream Yard!

Right now, while the ground is hard and there’s no green in sight, it’s hard to imagine your dream landscape. Ideas might not flow right this second, but if you keep it top-of-mind now, something might come to you at some point soon. This is another reason planning ahead is ideal. It helps you make solid decisions that you know will work. While landscaping is not as permanent as a tattoo, it should last for years to come and add value to the property. Making meaningful decisions will create lasting results and give you a sense of pride in your property.

When ideas start flowing, don’t let them slip! Start a notebook or writing pad specifically for this project and write them down. For spacial planning, draw a map of your yard and fill in the blanks where you see fit. Take note on temperature changes, sun activity, access to moisture, and soil composition in all areas of planning. Having these stats on hand will help later on when you do research!

Now for Researching!  

Now that you have an idea of where you want plants or walkways to go, it’s time to research what will be the best fit! The importance of this step will matter in the initial success and longevity of the landscaping. If you randomly pick a tree that requires a more frequent moisture to place in a typically dry spot, that tree or your water bill will likely suffer. You might also spend more money in the long-run replacing said tree.

Be sure to include the entire household in the decision-making process! While it seems like the kids are uninterested, ask them anyway. They might have a great idea and it could get them more involved in being outside when spring rolls around!

Make a Budget for Spring Landscaping

Prices on materials and labor can add up fast. It’s good to have a budget in mind for all the changes you desire. Research different product qualities and prices. Remember, the cheapest option might not always be the lasting option. Get outside opinions and read reviews. 

Seek Outside Help

Even if you believe you have the greenest thumb around, taking on spring landscaping can be a big ordeal. It won’t hurt researching landscaping companies or talking to friends that have had landscaping work done. You might start envisioning and realize you really need help in the planning process. There is nothing wrong with getting advice.

Bottom Line

If we do indeed have 6 more weeks of winter, that should give you a good amount of time to prepare!  By even just playing with ideas, you’ll be in a better position when the snow starts melting. If you find you keep putting it on the back burner, but want to make it priority, pencil in times on your calendar to focus on it. Get others involved or just tell them about it! By actively talking about it, you’re more likely to follow through.

Having a tough time with planning or need to hire a team for your spring landscaping? RedHawk Property Solutions is ready to help! We understand how much value landscaping can add and really work hard to achieve the best outcome possible. RedHawk is booking for spring clean-up now! Get us on your calendar today!

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