Seeking Some Great Home Renovations Ideas?

Does your house need a make-over? The RedHawk contractors focus on home renovations that add value! We have experts in tile work, painting, drywall work, and more! Whether you are buying, selling, or just want some upgrades, making your home look it’s best is important. Even if you are on selling your home right away, eventually it will go on the market. Making upgrades will increase the value, landing you with home equity! Even small home renovations can make a huge impact. If you have a specialty situation that is not listed, we would be happy to talk about it.

Please contact our home renovations team with the details!

Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Does your bathroom need a make over?

bathroom tile

Let’s explore some bathroom renovation ideas together. We understand the need for bathroom remodeling or renovations. The bathrooms of yesterday are not the bathrooms of today. We crave more space and amenities. This does not mean that your house that was built in 1942 cannot be modernized.

There are all kinds of bathroom remodeling options or basic touch up renovation ideas to go over. RedHawk has a great team of home renovations experts that are ready to help you create your dream bathroom every step of the way!

Kitchen Remodel or Renovation Options

Does your kitchen need modernized?

The number #1 area that new home buyers will check out is the kitchen. This makes the kitchen an important home renovations decision! It can be a make or break area. Is yours up to the test? Even if you are not considering selling soon, think about how much value can be added to this area! We are now more used to open areas that don’t have as many walls. We’d love to give your house a tour and talk about options to take your kitchen to the next level!

Explore Basement Remodel & Renovation Ideas

Want to transform your basement?

Basement renovation contractor

Home Renovations takes your basement and restores the space. Basement Remodel projects adds square feet, livable space to your home. Plus – the basement is one of our favorite areas of the home!

It might sound weird to say, but there is so much potential to add livable space here! This is where dreams of having a bar, pool table, family room, and workout space can come to life! Basements can be so much more than adding just a children’s playroom. Imagine Dad where your big screen TV and recliner will go!

The RedHawk team would love to have the chance to help you plan your basement transformation. We work with you every step of the way to make sure it is done right!

More Than a Handyman!

The RedHawk team brings 15+ years of home renovations and home remodeling services to the Lebanon Ohio, Mason Ohio, West Chester Ohio, Northeast Cincinnati areas. We love our work, and it reflects in the quality you will enjoy for years to come! Best yet- not all home renovations are expensive options.

Easy Updates When Preparing a Home To Sell

Replacing ceiling fixtures, adding or replacing backslash tiles and other small “To Do List” items can make a huge impact. People are quick to notice the old outdated finishes, so don’t give them that opportunity! Hire RedHawk to add that great first impression for those potential buyers!

renovation checklist

Typical Checklist “Pre-Sale” of a Home:

  • Replace Electrical Outlets and Covers
  • Fresh Coat of Paint Does Wonders
  • Replace the Kitchen Counters and Backsplash
  • Update Lighting Fixtures
  • Replace Old Faucets
  • Tighten Down Your Railings
  • Inspect the bathroom grout and caulking.

Thank you for trusting RedHawk Property Solutions for so many years! Northeast Cincinnati is our home. When hiring RedHawk – you are helping a local home renovation contracting business grow locally. Contact one of our local home renovation pros to explore renovation options.

Home Renovations transform. We will make your home shine, and something to brag about.

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