Local Basement Renovation Specialists

Basement Renovations add square feet, livable space to your home. Plus – the basement is one of our favorite areas of the home!

Local Basement Renovation Specialists

It might sound weird to say, but there is so much potential to add livable space here! This is where dreams of having a bar, pool table, family room, and workout space can come to life! Basements can be so much more than adding just a children’s playroom. Imagine Dad where your big screen TV and recliner will go!

The RedHawk team would love to have the chance to help you plan your basement transformation. We work with you every step of the way to make sure it is done right!

Frame Out Basement Walls

The RedHawk basement renovation contractors will transform your basement’s true potential. Basements are unique in the way that the sky is the limit. Framing out basement walls is a mix of construction skills and design talent. Want to add a bathroom? It can be done! We will work with you to plan the finished basement layout and execute all plans for this special project.

We need not state the obvious, but a finished basement will add a lot of value and enjoyment to your house! Don’t miss out!

That basement will need a fresh coat of paint and some new flooring!

No basement renovation is complete without some fresh paint and flooring! Even if you are not looking to renovate, but want to freshen up the walls and floors, RedHawk has you covered! We’ve mastered the art of floor and wall design and would love to help you decide on what will look best.

Redhawk Property Solutions are local Lebanon Ohio basement renovation specialists. We have a dependable team of talent. Let’s get rid of that dingy basement standard and create a beautiful space with nice modern wood flooring and walls that could tell stories!

Having a finished basement can be a phenomenal upgrade to your home. Just the added space alone is a difference maker that will impress potential home buyers. Now that you have that space, what will you do with it? The functionality varies from the homeowner’s needs and wants. If you are truly torn though, we have some great ideas!  

Make it a Workout Space 

Ditch that gym membership and workout from home! Having this area in such close proximity can help get you more motivated and pumped about carrying out the task. Prep the area with inspiring colors for the walls and maybe some mirrors to help you fine tune your form. For your flooring, you will want a material that absorbs impact like a softer wood or interlocking foam mats.  

Get Crafty 

Tired of trying to figure out where to put all those crafting supplies? With a crafting room, you’ll have enough space for all the supplies and a space to create! Just like with the workout space, having a designated area can make you more motivated to get into it. Perfect for crafting club nights and holiday gift making!  

Movie Nights  

Turn your already dark basement into a theatre! With a projector, screen and a bunch of comfy furniture, movie night is on! You might have to install some speakers and some other helpful theatre essentials to make this space work. Perfect to get the family together for movies, TV marathons or even the big game!  

Work from Home 

If you haven’t already worked from home, here’s a significant reason to start! Working from the kitchen or dining room table is a thing of the past when you could have an entire office! Even if you can’t do your job from there, having an office in the house is great for school work, gaming, writing, and the list goes on!  

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