Local Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Let’s explore some bathroom remodeling ideas together. We understand the need for bathroom remodeling or renovations. We can also address your concerns about the bathroom remodel costs. We are local Cincinnati Ohio licensed bathroom remodel contractors.

The bathrooms of yesterday are not the bathrooms of today. We crave more space and amenities. This does not mean that your house that was built in 1942 cannot be modernized.

There are all kinds of bathroom remodeling options or basic touch up renovation ideas to go over. RedHawk has a great team of home renovations experts that are ready to help you create your dream bathroom every step of the way!

Need a Shower Install?

A new Shower install can make all the difference in your bathroom. It will not only bring pride to your space, but new functionality, as there are a wide range of possibilities with flooring, tiling, soap shelving, and more! Get rid of those old sliding shower doors and go for a more modern design!

Our crew is up to the task of creating a whole new shower experience, designed specifically for you! It is a big job, but we love making the biggest difference to homeowners.

Want to replace your bathroom counters and fixtures?

Our team handles bathroom renovation projects both large and small. Yes – we can change out counters, fixtures, and lighting. All of these elements make up a beautifully designed bathroom. The small details are noticeable. You will notice a unique faucet or different lighting.

The RedHawk crew focuses on the details to complete the look you have always wanted in this space. You should really enjoy the room, as it is a necessary room that we usually don’t give much credit. We’ll guarantee you’ll be happy using the space after we leave!

Want to replace that pink tile?

Pastel tiles are a thing of the past! We would love to replace your old tile with a fresh new look that will last throughout the years and add value to your home! Whether you’d like something intricate or simple, we are ready for the job. Tile work is tricky and takes a lot of patience. Consider letting RedHawk bathroom remodel contractors take over the job to install the bathroom tile and update the bathroom with style.

Everyone appreciates a beautiful bathroom. Did you know that bathrooms are one of the most looked at features for house hunters? A modernized bathroom can really take your house from on the market to sold!

Need that bathroom painted?

We have an excellent painting crew that will transform that old unflattering bathroom into a sleek, fresh new space! It’s unfortunately very obvious the colors clash or when a paint job is done poorly. Don’t risk the chance to make your bathroom space look like a professional work of art! We often think of painting a bathroom as an “easy job”, but it takes precision and patience. If you don’t feel up to painting the bathroom, the contractors at RedHawk are ready to pick up that brush!

Looking for new bathroom flooring?

Did you know that your bathroom floor holds the most germs in the house? Why not start fresh with a floor that is easy to clean and that is appealing to look at? New flooring can really make the difference in the bathroom!

Old tile and grout get darkened with time and need touching up. Why not switch to a newer style that needs less maintenance? Or if you like the tile and grout look, have it updated with new tile?

The bathroom should reflect you in the walls, flooring, and more! Meet with our local Lebanon Ohio team today to discuss the many options for a beautiful new floor. Contact your bathroom remodel team today for a FREE quote on your bathroom remodel!

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