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Beautiful Concrete and Stone Work

Your property will get noticed when a smooth slab of concrete has just been poured. Imagine a beautiful walkway that is both functional, but also adds value to your outdoor space. The RedHawk team of concrete contractors love to add these hardscape elements to homes and businesses. No matter if it’s just a traditional walkway or an intricate design, we are up to the task. Old concrete get’s damaged over time and can be an accident waiting to happen. The concrete contractors at RedHawk can have the hole/damaged filled in and fixed in no time! Please check out our concrete specialties below. If there is a specialty project you are looking to have done, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We Repair and Replace your Sidewalks

Your walkway to your front door is the welcome rug to your friends, family, and clients. It is important that it safe to use. Think of the elderly grandmother who has trouble with balance. Could she possibly misstep due to a giant crack? Will it hinder kids from running over it? Ascetics are nice, but we really should keep in mind functionality for those that will be traveling on it. Not all of us are sprite on our feet.

Are your sidewalks pitted and chipped?

RedHawk takes patching up concrete very seriously. We will work hard to make sure it’s pleasing to the eye but is also done right. We strive for quality that will last throughout the years.

Let’s explore Backyard Patio Ideas.

From a Custom Firepit to a Retaining Wall

Think about having family over for a BBQ or having friends gather around a firepit. How much nicer would that be with a newly paved patio! Enjoying your yard comfortably should not have to be a luxury. If you task the concrete contractors at RedHawk to create this outdoor living space for you, we will do our best to make sure it is what you envision down to the very last detail. We understand the weight of value and favor this area will have for you and those that will buy the property in the future.

Add some hardscaping to the property to take the backyard to the next level. Consider a flower garden retaining wall to add functionality and beauty to the property. Seeking an outside living space for your home? Let’s create something special!

We Pour Concrete Driveways!

RedHawk is a professional concrete driveway contractor!

concrete driveways

We love making genuine upgrades like this to a property that not only will look good but will also work much better for everyone. Gravel will end up in your yard and in your house, giving you more to clean up on a regular basis. Making the switch to concrete driveways will raise the value of the property undoubtedly and cause you fewer headaches dealing with the mess. Think of mowing the grass without the worry of rocks being kicked up at you.

How much nicer will it be to not have to worry about the dust and the noise from the gravel? Paving a concrete driveway is one of the best additions you can add to your outer area. Just need it patched up? We can do that too!

Looking for some new concrete patio ideas?

Stamped Concrete Patios are more attractive!

Many homeowners and property managers have big dreams when it comes to ascetics. We like to impress and add character to our areas that we are so fond of. The RedHawk concrete contractors understand this notion and would love to create a custom concrete patio design for you!

From stained, stamped or specialized stonework, our team of concrete contractors will bring your vision to reality.

Where Affordability Meets Quality

A lot of home and property owners consider concrete work over their heads. Does it look like a big job that has to have a big price tag right? Not always! You might be surprised at how affordable having a patio paved or getting patchwork done is. Regardless of what your worries, the concrete contractors at RedHawk is here to put you at ease.

When seeking professional local Cincinnati Ohio concrete contractors, think of RedHawk Property to update your driveway, sidewalks, and patio areas.

We deliver high quality results at an affordable rate. It costs nothing to get started! Get a free quote today!

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