Kitchen Remodel VS Kitchen Renovation

The number #1 area that new home buyers will check out is the kitchen. This makes the kitchen an important home renovation and/or remodel decision! A great kitchen renovation means restoring the existing kitchen layout to something beautiful again. When doing a kitchen remodel we will create a new kitchen!

It can be a make or break area. Is yours up to the test? Are you ready for a kitchen renovation? Even if you are not considering selling soon, think about how much value can be added to this area! We’d love to give your house a tour and talk about options to take your kitchen to the next level!

Add Gorgeous Flooring To Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen floors have gone through a lot of stages throughout the years. We are now discovering that durability and sleek design wins. We want the kitchen floor to be practical when it comes to traffic and spills, but it also needs to look nice. This is a kitchen renovation must.

Modern floor options for the kitchen are fantastic! People love stone or tile flooring, as they are both beautiful and durable. Wood flooring is always gorgeous. However laminate wood options today are beautiful, durable, and much more affordable.

Get that modern kitchen remodel project underway! RedHawk has just the kitchen remodel design team to help you create something new and beautiful! We’ll help you bring your flooring design dreams to life to fit that ideal kitchen space you cherish!

Need a fresh coat of paint?

Kitchen walls can get really gross over time. They often will need to be painted much sooner than a lot of the other rooms. This might seem like an effortless task, but with all those cabinets, appliances, and backsplash to dodge around it can get difficult. RedHawk is here to make it easy to renovate the walls or completely remodel the kitchen.

The construction crew at RedHawk believes in creating home renovations that add value! We’ll help you freshen your kitchen up so you can stop starring at that old wall color that you don’t like and start enjoying your kitchen again!

Want to upgrade your kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets have become simple and sleek in design. Some older cabinetry can just be transformed with paint or glass inlay. Whether you are looking to hang new cabinets or transform your older ones it will be a job, and RedHawk is here to help! We love working on taking a kitchen counter and cabinets to that next level. Our team works closely with the homeowner to make sure the design works before during and after the renovation!

Have Redhawk renovate your old kitchen cabinets! We can also remove them and add newer cabinets to your kitchen! Take that last big step and give your cabinets a refresh!

Add a Stylish Backsplash To Your Kitchen Remodel

Backsplashes are all the rage right now in kitchen remodeling projects! There are so many to choose from, how do you decide? Well, you don’t have to do it alone. The team at RedHawk are here to help you figure out what will look best in making your kitchen pop! Here are some ideas to start. Kitchens with backsplashes are more likely to be valued higher.

Looking at an intricate backsplash that will take a lot of time? Save your time and hire RedHawk. We have the expertise and know-how to do a professional job that won’t leave your kitchen under construction forever.

How about adding an updated pantry to your Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen renovations mean we take your existing kitchen and improve it. Updating the pantry makes a huge impact, especially when you have a big family! Newer styles have hit the scene that makes organizing easier! A lot of houses will make a deep closet a pantry, but that just ensures that your food will go back that is out of your sight and reach. New functionality creates lighted pantry options with rollout features. Your kitchen should be easy to use!

The RedHawk team would love to create a pantry area designed for you! We can have a consultation where you tell the team exactly what you love about a pantry and we’ll go to work!

The Decision Is Yours

Are you seeking to renovate (update) your kitchen or do a complete kitchen remodel? Contact our talented kitchen remodel and renovation team today for a FREE quote on your kitchen remodel! Our local contractors in the Lebanon OhioMason Ohio, and West Chester Ohio areas will treat your home like it was ours.

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