Mowing The Yard and More

mowing the yard

It is that time again to start up the mower and smell the fresh-cut grass! Mowing the yard is a task that not everyone is up to. Many people have trouble with mobility, not the right mowing equipment, allergies, etc.

Every hear about the 30% Rule? To keep your yard healthy – and to avoid plant shock, we try to avoid removing more than 30% of the leaf blade. Turf density is carefully monitored to produce a beautiful yard longterm.

RedHawk is here to give you a fresh cut healthy lawn, without you having to do any manual labor at all! Imagine that!

Need your lawn mowed? Trust RedHawk Property of Mason Ohio to handle mowing the yard on a regular basis, whether you are at home or not. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s true!

Landscaping Design

Let’s make your landscaping dreams a reality! Creating a beautiful yard is both a lot of work and a creative endeavor. Our local landscaping service team loves to decorate your property! We define the look and feel, clean-up your yard and trees, do the mowing and fertilizing, and even install hardscape features if that appeals to you. Our vision is simple – We make your backyard feel like home.

How would you like a beautiful yard that you can enjoy for years to come?! Maybe you are planning to sell a house and need some curb appeal? RedHawk Property Solutions is here to make your landscaping dreams a reality! Hire the Redhawk landscaping service team to clean up your backyard, mow the grass, and take it to the next level with hardscaping! We have a hardworking team of lawn and plant care experts that are ready to give your yard a makeover. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or even winter, we are ready to work!

Seasonal Clean-Up

Do your garden beds need freshening up?


Spring and fall give us perfect landscaping and lawn care services opportunities to put our garden beds to sleep or to wake them up. When the season calls for it, the RedHawk landscaping service team will come out and help with your landscaping. No matter the size of the bed, shape, hills, walls, etc., we are ready to work them!

We understand how important a yard is to a homeowner. They can enhance the value of the home and bring joy to the family. That is why it is very important to know how to take care of garden plants when the season changes. Our bottom line is that – seasonal yard clean-up is an important element of landscaping. If you struggle with these landscaping tasks and just want your garden seasonally maintained, we are here to help!

Mulching Services add Beauty

Mulching can really highlight a yard’s best features. Do you know where, how much, and what kind you will need? No worries! RedHawk is here to help you figure that out. We have experienced landscaping experts that can give you suggestions on what would work best for your yard. Mulching can be a tough job. If you don’t like to haul the heavy loads, you don’t have to! We can deliver and distribute the mulch with ease. No need for you to lift a finger! This can even be done while you are away, as all we need access to is the yard. After the mulching is done you can enjoy the beauty that it brings.

Does your yard need fertilized for the season?

A yard that is fertilized for the season will last longer and perform better than one that is not. Figuring out what kind of fertilizer, how much, and how to apply it is a chore! Let us handle it! We love seeing lawns come back to life with the right fertilizer application. We work on many different types of lawns and know what works best for each. Winter and spring also bring unique challenges to your lawn. Knowing what fertilizer to apply is key.

Fertilization & Weed Care

Regular fertilizing might seem excessive, but it is like giving your lawn it’s vitamins! With all the weather changes, pollution in the air and rain, and so much more your lawn has to fight against, it needs a winning chance. The lawn will also have a beautiful look that will make all your neighbors envious! Applying fertilizer regularly can be difficult. RedHawk is here to take that landscaping chore over! We’ll have your lawn looking gorgeous and healthy in no time!

Want a beautiful garden, tree, or hedge planted?

Beautiful plants and flowers can really enhance the look of a home’s outdoor space. Buying the plants is the simple part. Now, figuring out where and how to put them in is the trick! RedHawk is here to help you enhance the look of your yard. Before we start, we have a highly dedicated landscaping team that will work with you to plan exactly what you have in mind. We have extensive knowledge of plant care and survival, so we can even help you pick them out! Don’t like to get down on the ground and play in the dirt? You don’t have to! Our team is ready to bring your garden dreams to life!

Hardscaping Ideas

Improve Your Outdoor Space and Improve your Quality of Life

Want to add some stonework or a rock wall? Building a rock wall or a stone design takes more than manual labor. You will need to know how to create a lasting foundation that will support your stone structure for years to come. As for manual labor, don’t underestimate it. It is hard work. RedHawk is up for the task! Having a rock retaining wall done right can really enhance your home’s value and curb appeal.

Six of our most popular backyard hardscaping ideas:

  • Expand your back patio for summer parties and fun
  • Built-in seating can be constructed in solid concrete
  • A half-covered pergola provides areas of both light and shade 
  • Create a multi-level garden, nestled under a pergola
  • Incorporate a roaring outdoor fireplace
  • Outdoor lighting for borders
  • Add planting to create privacy screening
  • Replace the front porch or deck

Would you like a patio in your backyard?

Let’s discuss your landscaping and backyard patio ideas! The RedHawk team loves creating outdoor spaces that your family can enjoy throughout the years. No matter if it’s stone, brick, or even concrete, we would love to give your yard this special enhanced feature. Adding a cement patio can really increase your home’s value as well! It is a great option to add more space for parties and get-togethers.

Our local landscaping service can transform your property!

RedHawk provides both commercial property maintenance and residential landscaping service. From mowing the yard to mulching the flowerbeds, we promise to take great care of your backyard. ENJOY your back yard this season! Let’s discuss your landscaping vision soon.

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